Autonomous Transaction Processing

Oracle's Self-Driving Operational Database

Read the WinterCorp Research Report on Oracle's Self-Driving Operational Database.

We view Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) as a major new cloud offering for the operational database.   


Autonomous Data Warehouse

Oracle's Self-Driving Data Warehouse

Read our new independent Research Note on Oracle's Self-Driving Data Warehouse introduced early last year.

We view Autonomous Data Warehouse as an intriguing new cloud offering for the data warehouse.   This report describes the offering, describes our hands-on experimentation with it, in which we composed and ran over 35 queries online, and presents our conclusions.


Big Data - The Real Cost


The Total Cost of Data

In self-funded research project in 2013, WInterCorp developed a cost framework for the analytic use of data, incorporating all the major components of cost, including data preparation, application development, development of queries and analytics, administration of data and systems and systems cost.   This report describes the framework and applies it to two example platforms: the relational data warehouse and the Hadoop ecosystem, as they existed in 2013.   While some aspects of the examples would be different today, the framework is as valid today as it was then, and it is available to use in the form of a published spreadsheet.  

Don't miss this report, with its insights about what it really costs to create and use an analytic data repository.   The bottom line: system cost is a much smaller part of the overall picture than you might imagine.  Productvity and agility are far more important than any other aspect of cost.