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Our Approach

Proven, In Depth Technical Expertise

We have architected data lakes and databases for major enterprises and for startups facing the world's toughest requirements. We know the relevant products and technologies, whether new or established, in depth.

Engineering Approach, Practical Experience

We'll start from your business interests.  We will quantify your requirements as needed, then use our fact & measurement based methods to develop your data strategy, architecture & solutions.

We Deliver Business-Focused Results

Our customers get real, practical solutions to the toughest data management problems, employing our engineering skill to deliver what matters most to their business interests.

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Analytic Data Management Services

Data Vision and Strategy

From your interests and goals, and those of your stakeholders, we'll help you create a vision and a strategy for your analytic data ecosystem.

Data Platform Architecture

Whether you need a data lake, a data warehouse, a NoSQL database, or a data streaming pipeline we will architect it to fit your environment and strategy.  If you have requirements defined, we'll work to them; if not, we'll help you create or quantify them.

Data Platform Assessment/Selection

Wondering if your data platform is up to you next wave of demands?  Whether that new workload or data source should go on Hadoop or the data warehouse? On premises or in the cloud? In which cloud?   We'll assess, measure if needed, and recommend based on on our unmatched expertise with scalability, performance and data availability.   You will learn whether changes are needed and, if so, what to do. 

The Role of Cloud

How should cloud fit into your analytic ecosystem?  And, how best to manage your data in each cloud you use?  We’ll use our engineering approach to help you answer these questions and many more.  If you are putting substantial amounts of analytic data in the cloud you need a data management architecture that deals effectively with your use cases and that provides data security, metadata management, performance, scalability and effectively managed cost.  You don’t automatically save money when you put a data warehouse workload in the cloud.   We’ll analyze your options and create a solution that achieves your goals with respect to performance, cost, security and other factors.

Solution Design

Once the platform for that challenging database or workload has been selected, you still need a design.   We will identify the critical engineering issues such areas as scale, performance and data availability -- then work out the database design soluition.   Whether you are using open source or commercial data managers, whether SQL or NoSQL, whether cloud or on prem, whether Hadoop or commercial platforms -- we have the expertise to create a design that will work.  We'll collaborate with your existing team or work independently, as you prefer.  We have helped many leading companies avoid the pitfalls of big data, fast data and complex data projects.

Review and Advice

Need a design review?  A pre-production review?  A this-isn't performing the way we expected review? Or something higher level, such as review of your roadmap?

Our review of key data architectural and data engineering issues will be penetrating but constructive. We'll identify key challenges and pitfalls and help your team navigate to success.  

Or, if you just want some advice on a key question, we'll provide a phone consult or a brief onsite consult according to your needs.

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WinterCorp Team

Richard Winter, CEO and Principal Architect

Data management industry expert Richard  Winter has unmatched  engineering knowhow and experience.

Data management industry expert Richard  Winter has unmatched data platform/solution knowhow and experience.  He has defined data requirements, developed data strategies and architectures, selected data platforms and engineered data

 solutions for leading enterprises.

Rick Burns, Senior Data Management Technologist

Competitive engineering specialist Rick Burns has in depth knowledge of data platform scalability, performance and availability.  He has developed and audited custom benchmarks, advised leading enterprises on data platform selection and  analyzed data platforms.

Norbert Kremer, Data Scientist and Google Cloud Expert

Hands-on expert, Norbert Kremer, applies expertise in scalable database and cloud platforms to create big data and data warehouse solutions in healthcare, life sciences, financial, retail and digital media.   Dr. Kremer's skill and implementation experience have resulted in major successes for clients in these and other fields.

Tennyson Yesupatham, Data Engineering Leader

Engineering leader and hands on expert, Tennyson Yesupatham has designed and implemented data solutions on Linux, Hadoop and cloud platforms.   Mr. Yesupatham has in depth experience with data warehouse and data lake architectures.  He leads a team of WinterCorp data engineers, capable of implementing a wide range of data solutions.

WinterCorp Data Engineers and Other Technical Specialists

Our team includes an array of technical specialists in data management covering design and solution engineering for all major data platforms: SQL, NoSQL, Hadoop and Cloud.   For our projects, we put together teams of experienced professionals appropriate to the technical challenge and environment, operating under the direction of one of our leadership team.

Publications (under construction)

Autonomous Transaction Processing

Oracle's Self-Driving Operational Database

Read our new independent Research Report on Oracle's Self-Driving Operational Database, announced August 7.

We view Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) as a revolutionary cloud offering for the operational database.   

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