The WinterCorp Team

Richard Winter, CEO

Data management industry expert Richard  Winter employs his unmatched depth of knowledge and experience to lead all engagements personally.  Mr. Winter's engineering knowhow and experience has enabled him to architect solutions to the most demanding data management requirements.

Norbert Kremer, Ph. D, Big Data Solutions Architect

Hands-on expert, Norbert Kremer, applies expertise in scalable database and cloud platforms to create big data and data warehouse solutions in healthcare, life sciences, financial, retail and digital media.   Dr. Kremer's skill and implementation experience have resulted in major successes for clients in these and other fields.

Tenneyson Yesupatham, Data Engineering Leader

Engineering leader and hands on expert, Tennyson Yesupatham has designed and implemented data solutions on Linux, Hadoop and cloud platforms.   Mr. Yesupatham has in depth experience with data warehouse and data lake architectures.  He leads a team of WinterCorp data engineers, capable of implementing a wide range of data solutions.


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